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CWCS specialise in Business Identity and Websites for the Building Industry only. We won’t say to your customers they will be allocated to a project manager to oversee their house as the IT folk tend to do. Most boutique builders attract their clientele for the personalised service they provide and the trust they have in their judgement. The last thing they want is to take a ticket and stand in line.

Everyone would have liked a Porsche or Ferrari as their 1st car but had to make do with a Torrana or Escort. Ideal starter cars and cheap to fix. When starting a new venture like a building or subcontracting  business for many you don’t know where it will lead. For that reason you don’t want a $20K website a $1.5K is a good starter 1st website. It will be findable and overtime will evolve with the business.

As can be seen above the pictures were taken on an old Nokia phone, at least your clients can see that you inspect the works and not just drive to the site, wind down the window of the ute, and shout out to the trades to see if they needed any gear?

When a prospective client visits your website they want to know the usual, who, what, where, when and how much, so “about us” pages and “galleries” are often glanced over. I have monitored them using Google Analytics (which you’ll be able to do) and the average time spent on those pages is 7 – 10 seconds. Interestingly the Youtube clips containing exactly the same pictures the time spent is over 90 seconds. They don’t have to think, just be entertained.

An example of what I’m talking about:



You can always put a montage of your work on Youtube. It’ll be good for your SEO.

As can be seen, these pictures were taken on an old Nokia phone.

The tune is Chinese so there’s no copyright.

Sometimes even experts can miss the point.

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