Remember the good old days?

When people answered their mobile phones instead of going straight to Voicemail

If you feel your lagging behind a bit CWCS will soon get you up to speed. You won’t have to go through the learning curve, we’ve already done that.

This is a good time to tweak your key words and narrative. A good source is free sites like

Your site is now live . The site is searchable, you have your own You Tube Channel. The phone number you listed on your pages and likewise your email address will call the number on your viewer’s mobile and their email app.

You may decide you need another email name like accounts or admin which we’ll be happy to do for you.

We’ll constantly check the site for speed loading on various devices and platforms in order to come up with the optimum. A site could be perfect on Firefox on Linux but not so on Chrome on a PC. The same may apply to Safari on a Macbook but not so for Opera etc. Remember we’ll be hosting for 90 days so anything that may arise will be sorted.


Type in Google “builders Perth” and see how many builders you get.

Type in Google “godown builders” and see how many you get.

Godown is s SE Asian word for Office Factory Warehouse. A niche market.

Austpeak was a company I worked for who specialised in this type of structure.

Leaving out paid advertising Austpeak are No. 1 Page 1.

Some Customers are saying:

Since having an online ID, Web Site and our own Email Hosting, Creditors have been happy to increase our limit taking pressure off the overdraft, in fact it isn’t needed much anymore.

Home Indemnity has been a lot smoother lately, they can obviously see we are taking our business seriously and in fact they have increased our limit.

We were offered a charge card by a Credit Firm recently (Why?) and now pay our 30 day accounts 3 weeks later making the overdraft a bit meaningless. Strangely the bank manager offered us an increase. Funny, they never do that if you need it?

If you take your business seriously so will others.

Building Disputes

If things get out of hand we can take the matter further for you assisting with the request to the AIB for an adjudication under the CCA 2004 legislation or a summons in the district court.

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Builder’s Registration

If you are working your way towards your Builder’s Registration many points on this website will assist. Having successfully completed many over the years  you will find everything you need to know or call us today.

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A couple of local builders who took their businesses seriously and are now headed for bigger and better things:

Good to see, give it your best shot!

You get 90 days hosting and from there you can continue as is, or get your own hosting account, that’s right no locked in contracts for two years. 90 days will ensure that all’s well.

Round about now you’ll receive a credit from Google for $150 of advertising. It’ll give your new site a boost. Linkedin is good and you can reach a lot of customers quickly and it’s free.
See this YouTube clip.

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Remember we are only a phone call away..,

If you need something urgently we are always on hand.

We know what it’s like dealing with the ES when you require a new email address or your site is down and you need it fixed now.


Coffee CWCS

Maybe it’s time to meet again and review what’s been done to date and tweak the design and publish. There might be new ideas come to mind or maybe some new avenues to explore and put up the links on the website. You may also have a few more key words that could be added to the SEO search, who knows it’s all rewarding stuff.

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