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The greatest website in the world has no value if it can’t be seen, that’s where Google and Bing come into play. You must Google and Bing your business. (you won’t need Yandex)

That is your own Youtube channel, Google Analytics and Console.

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Google Analytics Data

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The Time it takes for your Site to Load

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How discoverable is Your Business

SEO is being found. It’s something you can do while your waiting for a Govt. Dept. to answer the phone, it’s a bit tedious but then so is waiting. (Same old music)

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All the technical stuff we take care of to ensure you are off and running. It takes a while for your site to get indexed and start getting hits, usually a few weeks. It is important if you specialise in a certain type of construction or Architecture that this is emphasised. This is the SEO side of things.

For example I worked for a company Austpeak Constructions who wanted to attract clients from South East Asia. Their specialty was tilt-up office factory warehouse industrial complexes. Now the word for such a complex in SE Asia is godown so I used that word in some of the text and as a focus keyword.

Open a new tab and in the Google task bar type: cwcs bayswater,voila.

And it’s all free!

You might like building Art Deco houses so the text and focus key words might contain words like Cubism and Fauvism.

Although the era originated in France before WW1, Art Deco in Australia is the late 20’s and 30’s.

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You can always use A clip from Youtube to illustrate your views. If a picture paints a thousand words, what does a video do?

Get started today!

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