If you did your Builder’s Registration Application with me at atc2 you may recall my insistence on having a market identity. It’s important for any business to know where they’re at. (if it knows where it wants to be) A map serves no purpose unless you know where you are.

A customer wants to know the Who, What, Where, When and How Much? They already know the why. No one chooses a heart surgeon from the yellow pages and takes the lowest quote!

Not even the ladies would choose a hair dresser (sorry stylist) like this.

By now your page is loaded (not published and is undertaking speed trials)

A Google’s eye view:

Emails and Website 1

The Following Areas of Your Site Are Well Optimized:
Properly size images
Defer offscreen images
Minify CSS
Minify JavaScript
Remove unused CSS
Remove unused JavaScript
Efficiently encode images
Serve images in next-gen formats
Enable text compression
Preconnect to required origins
Initial server response time was short
Avoid multiple page redirects
Preload key requests
Use video formats for animated contentRemove duplicate modules in JavaScript bundles

Avoid serving legacy JavaScript to modern browsers
Avoids enormous network payloads
Uses efficient cache policy on static assets
Avoids an excessive DOM size
User Timing marks and measures
JavaScript execution time
Minimizes main-thread work
All text remains visible during webfont loads
Minimize third-party usage
Uses passive listeners to improve scrolling performance
Avoids `document.write()`
Avoid non-composited animations
Avoids large JavaScript libraries with smaller alternatives

Around now you should have received your verification post card from Google so we can verify the site. We need this to load the Google API key into WordPress.

You will have provided all the pictures you wish to use. They can be taken on an old nokia phone as when they’re scaled they are low res anyway. I recommend avoiding the use of stock images that you see time and time again. Models prancing about in Hi Viz PPE. (see below)

You’ve also got an idea (bullet points are fine) of the “Who, What, Where, When and How Much” message you wish to convey to your Web Site visitors. E,g. 2nd Home buyers looking for a small low maintenance home in the inner suburbs for around $300K.

Emails and Website 2
Emails and Website 3

Between us you’ll have an idea of your niche market and where you wish to head as a starting point. What type of projects you think is best and what suburbs you are most likely to work.

The sort of clients you are likely to attract based on the service and expertise you are offering. Everyone loves an expert.

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Emails and Website 4