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Because we do everthing for you.

We know what it’s like dealing with the ES when you require a new email address or your site is down and you need it fixed now.

We’re still going strong after all these years because we understand what it’s like in the Building Industry where everyone wants what they want, when they want it.

Before we start make sure you have an idea for or a business name and a valid ABN which we will need in order to create or have access to  a Google My Business Account. We will also create an email [email protected] so you will have a Google Drive where all the files that were used in creating your website will be placed.
The use of WordPress and the Divi theme (on screen editing like a Word Document) is so you can take control of the Admin of the site after, when everything is tested and working fine.Change wording or pictures of more recent work or just add another email address without being dependant on anyone else.

What’s included

SiteGround Hosting

SSL inc. https://

SG Optimiser

PHP managed by Host

Word Press

Divi Premium Theme

WP Rocket (for the tweakers)

Cloud Flare

Rank Math SEO Pro

Backed up by Host daily

Secure site receive payments like PayPal

Currently 5.8.3

Managed currently Ultra Fast 8.10

Updated currently 5.8.2

Currently 4.14.1

Currently 3.8.3

Host managed

Currently 3.0.1

Google My Business

Google Analytics

You Tube clip

3 Promo Company Clips

Google Earth View

Linkedin type Button

Professional Links

Google Search and Maps

Exact Metrics

Eg.  Residential / Commercial

Standard Personal Graphics

Google Earth zoom in view

Profile Button


Ultra Fast PHP 8.10

Standard Inclusions (no point having a Web Site that can’t be found)

When you’ve decided on a name we will register it with a DNS. (domain name server)


We will then point the name to the host. You can choose your oWidth: autown but we at CWCS host your account for 90 days so you can decide on what you want to do from there. (no obligation to renew) We have found SiteGround have an excellent service (live chat) and Singapore isn’t that much further than Sydney and they have faster servers. (NGINX)


So you’ve got your your name and it’s hosted so you’ll want a logo. It is your brand which you’ll add as a signature to your emails like a true professional.


Your ID and why it’s so Important

Many people won’t deal with a business with a hotmail or gmail type account as they appear “Fly by night” and they want someone who’s going to be around should the need arise.

It’s a lot more serious when there’s contracts and building permits involved. The Building Act 2011 and HBCA 1991 have a strict code to follow. You may also wish to make a claim for a progress payment under the CCA 2004 (Construction Contracts Act) and your progress claims must be in accordance with that Act. (Fairly simple if done at the right time)

As a small trader undertaking work on a “Do and Charge” basis it’s not a concern but with a building contract it’s different. If someone is investing $200K+ in their dream home it’s a totally different ball game. The rules are different and you’ll have to play by them.

As a newly registered builder embarking on a new venture make sure you don’t trip over at 1st base. Like your accounting record keeping, make sure your contract administration is in accordance with the contract. If there’s a VO or EOT make sure you claim it at the right time and not at the final account stage. (That’s the hardest payment to get)

The next thing we do is Google / Bing your Business with your own YouTube channel and not the hosting company’s.

Also having administered dozens of sites (Building Industry Only), 3 pages that appeared on everyone’s were:

About Us


Gallery page.

All of which (Google Analytics) were seldom viewed and if they were it was briefly for a couple of seconds. On Gallery pages the average time was 7 seconds viewed by 9% of visitors. The same images on a Youtube clip were over 90 seconds hence:

And of course you’ll want to be identified on Google maps so people can get directions on their phone. It’s a real confidence builder for a customer to see your business on the Google Map even if they never visit and all meetings are conducted on site. (The usual)

Then of course there’s your listing in Search. You may wish to consider a post which appears underneath on the RHS.


Everyone has either started or done bits of the process so I’m often asked if a credit is appropriate. Usually not as most of the work is out of date, (see above) images have to be rescaled depending on their location. If an image is only taking up 1/8 of the screen it needs to be scaled to that size for the site to load quickly. 5 meg images often are scaled and compressed to 50 K. It’s important also to remove the EXIF data.

There’s also the EPP code to authorise the transfer which some DNS registrars are reluctant to provide or even point the A record to the new host.

It’s fun to do glossy clips but remember the Web Site is there for your customers who only want to know WIIFM. (what’s in it for me)

Keep them for Facebook. 

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